How Speechify helps me

Have your computer or smartphone read text to you out loud with Speechify. Read more, increase comprehension, multitask, and more.

Whether it’s school papers, research for homework, work assignments, long documents, or lengthy emails, Speechify can read it all. I can pick from various high-quality voices in several different languages. I can specify my listening speed, and I’m all set. There is even a setting to automatically increase the reading speed gradually over time if I’d like to read more material in less time. 

An example of Speechify reading

One of my favorite features of Speechify is how it highlights the text as it reads. Here is an example of Speechify reading a section of one of my diabetes blog posts

You can also see how easy it is to change the speed or switch to a different voice.

Increase comprehension with Speechify

I’m probably not the only one who has to read long documents for work or school. Sometimes it is hard to stay on track and follow what the author is trying to say.

With Speechify highlighting the line and word it’s reading as you can see in the example above, I comprehend more and don’t lose focus as often.

The voices aren’t completely natural, but in the pro version, they are pretty good. Depending on how much content you need to consume, it is definitely worth upgrading it in my opinion. 

Multitask with Speechify

I started my associate’s degree in the fall. I use Speechify to help me get through my coursework reading assignments while exercising, walking, driving, or doing housework. 

I can get through a lot of material with this approach. Then, for the parts where I didn’t quite understand the topic, I will have Speechify reread it, but I’ll follow along with the visual highlights mentioned above. 

Speechify Chrome Extension

Main Features


What is Automatic Speed Ramping?

Automatic speed ramping is a setting in the Speechify listening preferences that automatically increases the listening speed by 5 words per minute every 500-1000 words to practice listening faster.

This is one of my favorite features! I’m already up to nearly 1.5-2 times average speed from simply turning on automatic speed ramping.

The change in speed is so gradual that I hardly notice when it happens. I’m also amazed by how quickly my brain gets used to listening faster than normal.

Once or twice I have noticed myself daydreaming while listening. When that happens, I know I can turn the speed up even more. 

Overall, I enjoy and recommend Speechify. I use both the Chrome plugin and the Speechify app on my smartphone. I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know how you like it.