reMarkable 2: The Note-Taking Device for the Modern Professional

The reMarkable 2 is an impressive digital notetaking device. It’s a sleek and lightweight tablet that lets you take notes, review documents, and more. You can write on it with the reMarkable Marker, and the Marker Plus also includes a built-in eraser for quick fixes without switching tools. This tablet is perfect for those who need to be productive on the go or want to get things done without dodging the distraction traps on their phones, laptop, and other tablets. Check out some of the reasons why I love my reMarkable 2.

It feels like writing on paper

The reMarkable 2 is designed with a perfect blend of hardware and software to deliver just the right amount of friction while writing on the screen. With latency-optimized reMarkable Markers, drawing on the screen feels natural and even sounds like writing on paper. I also enjoy the built-in eraser on the Marker Plus, so I can flip it over like a traditional pencil to erase any mistakes.

Lightweight, thin, and incredible battery life

The reMarkable 2 feels light as a feather, especially compared to even my smaller iPad Air with Magic Keyboard attached. The weight listed in the technical specifications is approximately 403.5g or .88 lb. It is very thin at 0.19″ – even thinner than an ordinary pencil! That makes it easy to hold, carry, and fit into any bag I’m using. I also love reMarkable’s battery life. I can go weeks without charging, which is such a nice change of pace in today’s world of constantly charging my devices. When I do need to charge, it uses a standard USB-C connection.

This tablet has everything I need to be productive when out in public, too: thinness, so it fits into my bag easily, plus long battery life (so I don’t have to worry about finding outlets). Plus, writing feels natural thanks to latency-optimized markers–I feel like I am using pen & paper without all of the bulk and hassle!

Tons of different drawing and writing tools

There are about 10 different drawing and writing tools available to pick from in the reMarkable 2 toolbar—everything from a ballpoint pen to a fineliner to a pencil to a paintbrush and more. There’s even a highlighter and a calligraphy pen. You can resize and move items as well as copy and paste. You can also add multiple layers to each page, and for each layer, you can select a template to apply to the layer. Many templates are already built-in such as blank, lines, dots, grid, planner, music sheets, meeting notes, and more. There are also many templates available from the reMarkable 2 community and creative vendors on Etsy.

Convert handwritten notes into text

I can create sketches or write notes from a lecture or meeting on reMarkable 2 and share them with my colleagues or classmates. What’s especially nice is that reMarkable 2 can convert my handwritten notes into text before sharing. It supports both cursive and block letters and multiple languages (although I only speak English). Of course, I still need to proofread the conversion, and it’s not 100% perfect. But it is pretty good.

I’m also in college right now, which means that I spend a lot of time each week listening to classes and taking notes like crazy (or trying to take notes like crazy). And then there are all those reading assignments for class—and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find reMarkable 2 an indispensable tool for reading since there’s no backlight to disturb your sleep cycle or strain the eyes.

Read web articles (and more) with a click

I can use the Chrome extension to send a simplified web page to my reMarkable 2 with a single click. Then I can read and annotate those articles on my tablet. I can also transfer other files and reports with a simple drag and drop file transfer, then read and annotate those, too. The reMarkable 2 also supports ePub format ebooks. And with the reMarkable app on my computer and other devices, my notes and annotations are synchronized and available even when I don’t have my reMarkable 2 with me.

A nerdy confession

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I started playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time with a small group of friends. As I immersed myself more and more in medieval role-playing culture, along with all of the imagination, story-telling, and die-rolling involved, I realized how much note-taking helped! I had my character details and capabilities to keep track of, which makes sense. But lots of other things soon came to light, too. Like the names of towns and regions, other NPG character details, monster details, adventure details, and more. I haven’t replaced my D&D Players Guide with it, but I do have a series of organized notebooks in my reMarkable 2 that I use when we’re playing to help me keep track of everything. It is totally nerdy, but I like being able to call Toblin by his name when we return to Stonehill Inn after a long quest.

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Conclusion? I love it

The reMarkable 2 is a great device for work and school (and Dungeons & Dragons). It has plenty of space to store all your documents, presentations, drawings, and more so you can be productive anywhere. All the features are easy-to-use, and the second-generation CANVAS monochrome display along with the Marker or Marker Plus is a joy to use. What’s not to love? If you’d like to learn more, I recommend checking out their website today! You can save $40 by using my link: reMarkable 2